1/8 Offroad News

AVID NB48 2.0 carbon fibre shock towers

See: AVID Racing Concepts

AVID RC have introduced the new carbon fibre shock towers for the Tekno RC NB48 2.0. The shock towers are made from 100% carbon fiber, matte finish and 2.5d cutouts for a nice look, and lightly chamfered on the front side to help avoid splitting or chipping on hard wrecks. They feature the same hole location as the standard towers while the set removes 33% of the weight from up high. The carbon fibre shock towers are available separately or as a set.

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LapMonitor waterproof transponder

See: LapMonitor

LapMonitor company have introduced a new transponder for its popular lap timing system. This new transponder is fully compatible with LapMonitor decoder and can be used to time up to 96 cars on the track. The transponder is now water resistant and weight only 5g for version with Molex connector and 7g for the version with receiver plug.

WRC SB1 Nitro Buggy kit

See: WRC Racing Team

WRC Racing Team have introduced the new SB1Nitro Buggy kit. The SB1 features a 3mm aluminium chassis with an optimised weight distribution in order to reduce unwanted chassis roll and offer a better traction in all track conditions. The adjustable suspension comes with big bore shock absorbers and use symmetric suspension components for easier spare parts management. The SB1 uses a front pivot ball style suspension allowing easy and fast adjustments to camber, toe and track width while the drivetrain sports front, center and rear steel CVD drive shafts for maximum durability. The SB1 features a 1-piece radio plate, aluminium flywheel and clutch shoes, 17mm lightweight hex wheels, and an aerodynamic body.

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RC Concept subject to a winding-up proceedings

Source: Société.com

We have just learned that the French company RC Concept has been placed in bankruptcy. Launched 5 years ago by Sébastien Chaffardon, RC Concept was based on a team made up of Reno Savoya and Lee Martin but quickly only R. Savoya will continue to represent the brand as an ambassador on the international tracks. RC Concept offered a range of electronic products and nitro products with engines based on Picco and fuel specifically formulated and produced by Labema. No information about the guarantees has been provided so far.

T-Work’s piston retainer clip assembly tool

See: T-Work’s Products

T-Work’s have introduced a new piston retainer clip assembly tool for .15 & .21 engines. Made to facilitate the installation of the piston pin retainer clip, the tool prevents expulsion of retainer clip during installation as well as prevents damage to the piston during the process. The tool comes in a convenient box featuring carbon fibre design and sporting T-Work’s logo.

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Fast Race 1/8th buggy lightweight center drive coupler V2

See: Fastrace

Italian company Fast Race have introduced a new lightweight center drive coupler V2 for SWORKz, Mugen Seiki and Team Associated 1/8th buggies. The heavy-duty coupler has been made lighter which helps reduce the drivetrain weight and mass in order to provide a more efficient drivetrain and power delivery. The coupler features 4 removable pins in order to limit wearing of the coupler due to the shaft.

Team Associated WC19 T-shirts

See: Associated Electrics

Associated Electrics have introduced the new Team Associated WC19 T-shirts. These black T-shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton and feature colorful splashes behind the Team Associated logo emblazon on the front while the Champions by Design logo is on the back. The WC19 T-shirts are available in three sizes for youth and six for men.

VRP D819/E819 rear shock tower V3

See: Vision Racing Products

Vision Racing Products have introduced the new rear shock tower V3 for the HB Racing D819 Nitro Buggy and E819 E-buggy. The tower features new shock mounting holes that are mid spaced. This is the newest mounting positions being ran on the HB buggies. Another feature added to the tower is the wing mounting holes. There are sets of holes that allow you to use the stock HB wing mount in the stock locations as well as move them up, or use the MBX8 wing mount for a finer wing height adjustment. The V3 tower is available in silver anodized aluminum as well as carbon fiber.