1/10 Offroad News

VSR Products Easy Ball Diff Builder

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VSR Products have introduced the new Easy Ball Diff Builder to all common 1/10 scale ball differential components 3/32″ or smaller. Dealing with small differential balls during a rebuild is tedious and frustrating. The tool is designed to hold all of the diff balls in the main compartment, and then allows them to “pour” out the track in a single file line. VSR Products recommend tipping the Easy Ball Diff Builder over your greased diff gear, and tapping lightly on it to allow only one ball to exit at a time.

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Jesper Rasmussen TQs & wins 2WD at Danish Buggy Nats Rd4

Source: Jesper Rasmussen (Facebook)

The fourth round of the Danish 1/10 Buggy Nationals was held at the TI-MO Tinglev RC track over the weekend. In the 2WD class, Jesper Rasmussen (Team Associated) set the overall TQ by winning all qualifying rounds after some great battles and he secured the win after A1 and A2 wins. Mike Honnens Hansen (Schumacher) came in second while young Marcus Kaerup (Team Associated) rounded out the top 3.

VSR Products B74 wiring harness

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VSR Products have introduced the new wiring harness for the Team Associated B74. The wiring harness is the safe and clean way to run the battery wires from the ESC to the battery without running the risk of them hitting the uncovered spur gear. The VSR wiring harness holds your battery wires in place and avoids any risk with the spur gear. It mounts on the carbon top plate on top of the center diff or slipper.

REDS takes on Tesla

Not quite… Elon Musk is safe for now… however

REDS Racing continue to add to their electric lineup with the addition of LiPo batteries. Reds Racing idea is to offer a complete combo for electronics following our standards of quality and performance.

“We have been working on this project for over a year together with our team to offer high quality and exceptional performance batteries.”


LPHV0005 > Lipo 8000mAh -100C-14.8V 4S – Stick – WIRE DEANS
LPHV0006 > Lipo 6500mAh -75C-14.8V 4S – Stick – WIRE DEANS

Team Associated women & youth Tri T-Shirts

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Team Associated have introduced new Tri T-Shirts for women and youth racers. These black T-shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton and available in three sizes each, S, M and L. Colorful triangles emblazon the front while the back sports the printed #WeAreAE logo in white.

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Corner Speed RC 1/10 turnbuckle tool

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New from Corner Speed RC is a turnbuckle tool that fits almost all 1/10 scale vehicle ball-cups on both on/off road applications. The tool is made of black anodized 7075-T6 aluminium for longer lasting and also features silver chamfered edges and laser engraved logos for a professional look. It is a set of clamp style adaptors that fits on any standard vernier calipers to help building turnbuckles more precisely in no time. Another great feature of the tool is It can help building turnbuckles evenly on both sides while measuring their lengths at the same time.

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6MIK C.A. glue tip set

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French company 6MIK have introduced a new C.A. glue tip set. The 1.0mm precision tips are very handy and will control the dispensing so that the glue will not come out too fast and will protect the nozzle from becoming stuck. You can use each tip many times before having to replace it. The tip is firmly attached to the bottle with an extension tube that is screwed onto the bottle and encloses the tip. The tips specially fit 6MIK C.A glue and come in a set of 10-piece.

Corner Speed RC O-ring grease

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Coming from Corner Speed RC is a premium lubricating grease. The grease has been carefully formulated to create dynamic lubrication between o-rings and metal parts and it was specially designed for use on rubber components and gaskets such as shock/diff o-rings to allow smoother operation as well as minimising leakage. Unlike other silicone-based grease which slightly swells the O-rings and rubber parts, Corner Speed RC O-ring grease is a clay-based grease which is well known being more gentle on the rubber parts for more consistent operation.